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Runder Tisch Internationale Studierende in Bremen

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If you are an international student at one of the universities of the federal state of Bremen, you can find here a list of organizations that provide support and information for you.

subjects amongst others:

€ = financial aid in cases of emergency

§ = legal support

G = social events

Ψ = counseling on mental problems


The AISA is an autonomous international students´organ responsible for issues concerning foreign students within and as well as beyond the university´s scope. §, G


Legal support provided by the Student Union for all students of the University of Bremen. (Legal issues with the university, landlords and whatever might occur.) §, G

Bremen Language Center (FZHB)

Advice how to meet language requirements for studying, language courses, tutored autonomous language learning

Catholic Student Parish (KHG)

G, €

Career Center Universität Bremen

Our staff offers support in all matters concerning job orientation, job search, career planning and job entry in Germany and abroad and offer workshops and events. (Boulevard; opposite the Mensa)

Hochschule Bremen - International Office

Counseling for students of Hochschule Bremen €, §

Hochschule Bremerhaven - International Office

Counseling for students of Hochschule Bremerhaven €, §

Hochschule für Künste - International Office

Counseling for students of Hochschule für Künste Bremen €, §

KIS Contact for students with disabilities or chronic illnesses

Offer for students of the University of Bremen

General counseling and support

Lutherian Student Parish (ESG)


Psychological Counseling Center / Psychologische Beratungsstelle (PBS)

As a student, you are entitled to informal counseling from the “Psychologische Beratungsstelle” at any time, including the semester break. We are here to help if you struggle with personal or study-related matters, e.g. if you find it hard to adjust to, feel overwhelmed by your new reality or if you simply need someone to talk to. The consultations are free of charge and strictly confidential. Ψ

Universität Bremen - International Office

Counseling for students of Universität Bremen. €, §, G

Verein für Innere Mission

Counseling for international students from developing countries. €, §, Ψ


University of Bremen Club to support international students in financial difficulties.